biography of Matthias Biberon

BIBERON Matthias


Matthias Biberon lives and works in Perche (Normandy / France). He began working with wood in 2019, leaving behind photography and ceramics, which he had practiced successively for many years.
In wood, he finds the pleasure of imagining shapes and building them, with as much naivety as attention to gesture, and a freedom that neither conceptualism nor ceramics had given him. His furniture is organic, respecting the original shape of the wood and following its knots and veins. The search for balance and precision is one of the cornerstones of Matthias' work.

Carefully sourced, the species he uses (oak, elm, cedar, walnut, amaranth) have been dried for decades, giving them unrivalled patinas.
His trademark? Visible joints and the blending of materials. The addition of stone then came naturally to his creations; for each of them, he seeks a form of balance, purity and softness, a functionality that is both poetic and sculptural, the simplicity and power of a Haiku.
Passionate about art, it was while progressing towards Arts & Crafts that he embraced the aesthetics of functionalism.
Matthias is sensitive to the Arte Povera of Jannis Kounellis and Giovanni Anselmo, the Zen influence of John Cage, the freedom of Don Cherry and the minimalism of Carl Andre and Agnès Martin. As well as the Japan of wabi-sabi and Ikkyu, a country whose purity and tea ceremony aesthetics he particularly appreciates.
Although design was not previously part of this self-taught man's culture, he now displays a sober style reminiscent of the world of Georges Nakashima and Jean Touret.