NOLL Alexandre

Alexandre NOLL

France (1890-1970)

Alexandre Noll is a son of caretakers, from an Alsacian family, after having been weaver and bank employee, he created furniture and abstract sculptures in exotic wood for 50 years. He creates unique pieces shaped in direct carving in different types of solid wood. Noll acquired an intuitive science of wood, a unique polishing, the use of the wood veins and a natural mastery of curves and volumes. In 1937, he exhibits at the Exposition Internationale some vases, jugs and carved plates in polished and solid wood. Alexandre Noll often participated in the Salon des artistes décorateurs, which he was a member in 1939, then at the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles as soon as 1946. During the 1950s, he starts sculpture. He exhibits in 1964 at the La Demeure gallery, in 1966 at the de Messine gallery in Paris and disappear four years later. Alexandre Noll is also represented at the Musée d’art moderne of Paris.