Holland / France (1901-1999)

Michel Seuphor, Ferdinand Louis Berckelaers’s pseudonym of election and anagram of Orpheus, is from Anvers. He settles in 1925 in Paris and publishes the Documents Internationaux de l’Esprit Nouveau. With Torres Garcia he is one of the founder of the Cercle et Carré group which gather the artists representative of the neoplasticism. Multi-task and self-taught artist, painter, drawer and ceramist he realizes neo-plastic pieces as soon as 1926 and then collages since 1953. His tapestries are directly issued from his “dessins à lacunes” from 1950s, and they are expressed through opposition between horizontal black lines which spread vertical white spaces with a claimed symetricality. Michel Seuphor is also an art critic and a writer, he published numerous writings on art, notably a study concerning Mondrian, abstract painting and also 20th century sculpture.