Italy (1916-1996)

Ico Parisi spent the most part of his life in Como, where his dad worked as art teacher. From 1931 to 1935, Ico studied architecture before integrating Giuseppe Terragni’s workshop. The next years, he made an experimental documentary with Como + Como + Como (1937) and Risanamento Edilizio della Citta de Côme (1939). With Fulvio Cappelletti, Giovanni Galfetti and Silvio Longhi, he conceived the colonial exhibition of 1937 at the Villa Olmo in Como. Due to the success of their contribution, they found the group Alta Quota. With his wife Luisa Aiani, student of Gio Ponti, Ico Parisi found the interior design studio La Rueta in 1948. Furniture for Cassina, MIM Altamir, Longhi and Capellini, they made ceramics, glasses and jewels. The same year he made the decoration of the State Library of Milan and the organization of the Triennale exhibition of journalism alongside to sculptors Mario Radice, Fausto Melotti and Umberto Milani. In 1956, he joined the Italian Association of Industrial design. With Pierre Restany and Enrico Crispolti, he leads several projects bringing face to face art and architecture, like Ipotesi per a Casa Esistenziale ,delivered in 1972.During the eighties, Parisi concentrates in installations and performances dealing with medias. His artworks were presented at the Documenta Urbana in Kassel in 1982 and at ‘’Les années 50’’ at Beaubourg in 1988.