Sweden (1907-1988)

Bruno Mathsson trained as a cabinetmaker and designer in Värnamo under his father. He opened and office in Värnamo. Specializing in natural wood, principally beech, and stemming from his research into the physiology of seating, Mathsson designed furniture with organic, flowing lines. Many of his designs were produced in the family furniture factory Karl Mathsson in Värnamo, with his later designs produced by Dux Möbel. His 1934 chair and compact 1946 extension table are still in production. Bruno Mathsson is best know for his 1934 Eva chair, produced from 1935 by Karl Mathsson. In the early 1960’s, Bruno Mathsson collaborated with Piet Hein on adapting Hein’s “Super-ellipse” ideas for furniture production and on developing a versatile self-clamping leg model. Pusuing tubular-steel construction, he designed the upholstered Jetson and leather-cushioned Karin chairs. As an architect and interior designer and influenced by a visit to USA, Bruno Mathsson pioneered glass-wall construction in Sweden, and was one of the leading figures in the Modern movement in that country.