Italy/France (1856-1940)

A multifaceted Italian artist, simultaneously a designer, a cabinetmaker, an interior designer and an architect, Carlo Bugatti is an advocate of the Art Nouveau in Europe. After an artistic training at the Academy of the fine arts in Milano and at the Academy of the fine arts in Paris around 1870, he begins his career as an art craftsman specialized in cabinetmaking and in the creation of furniture in Milano then in Paris. In 1902, he exhibits a playroom and a chatroom at the First International Exhibition of decorative arts in Torino known as the “snail room” in parchment which make a great impact through a formal research focusing on curves. The Bugatti’s production is notable by its originality and takes its inspiration in various visual sources such as oriental and Japanese styles to shape a whole fantasy and exotic world. Attached to the embellishment of the living areas, Carlo Bugatti sells his own milanese furniture factory and comes back to Paris in 1904 where he settles his studio turned towards a special crafted production, characterized by the use of goldsmithery which magnify the preciosity of the pieces of furniture with dreamlike accents.