BRYEN Camille

Camille BRYEN

France (1907-1977)

Camille Bryen, born Camille Briand in 1907, is a French poet, painter from the new school of Paris. He is part of the lyrical abstraction movement and tachism. Camille Bryan settled in Paris and inspired by the surrealist movement, he published in 1927 his first collection of poems, Opopanax and in 1932, Experiences mixing poems drawings and collages. In 1934, he made his first solo show and in 1936 his firsts action painting. Bryen also signed the dimensionist movement of Charles Sirato, Jean Arp, Marcel Duchamp and Francis Picabia. With Raoul Ubac, he puts objects in unexpected places, displays poems and images on walls. He is notably the author of the line « Défense d’interdire » (litteraly « It is forbidden to forbid ») dispatched in Paris, and that will be used in 1968 by Parisians insurgents. In 1948, he organized the first exhibition of lyrical abstraction including Hans Hartung, Wols, Gérard Schneider and Georges Mathieu. He published in 1950 Héréphile and then decided to stop writing for painting and engraving exclusively. From 1950, Camille Bryen is constantly showcasing his artworks in personal exhibitions, fairs and biennales around the world. His work, structured with light colors and thin drips, creates a poetic atmosphere ensuring its uniqueness.