France (1907-1974)

Known as one of the major figures of the French ceramic, Suzanne Ramié trained at the Ecole des beaux-arts of Lyon from 1922 to 1926 where she studied decorating and ceramic. She begins her career as a textile designer in Lyon before to settle in Vallauris. In 1938 she establishes her own studio, the Madoura studio, with the French potter Jean-Baptiste Chiapello. Backward from the usual production of ceramics, Ramié creates real sculptures of singular shapes and begin prestigious collaboration with Picasso as early as 1946. The former teaches him the ceramic basis, from shaping pottery to earthenware mastery which strongly strikes Picasso. In 1975, the musée des beaux-arts of Lyon dedicates a retrospective exhibition to Suzanne Ramié and her ceramics join the collections of distinguished institutions such as the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris.