FANTONI Marcello

Marcello FANTONI

Italy (1915-2011)

Marcello Fantoni is born in 1915 in Florence. He studied at the Institute of Art at Porta Romana in 1927, where he took courses with the great ceramist Carlo Guerrini. He established the Fantoni Ceramic Studio in Florence in 1936 and featured some of his pieces at Florentine Arts and Crafts Exhibit in 1937 where it was widely embraced. From fifties to the seventies, the success of Fantoni’s unique pieces of sculpture and ceramic formations being characterized by designs in step with the contemporary artistic styles. Fantoni’s ceramic designs came to embody the timeless appeal of classic and traditional Italian pottery merged with challenging modernist and progressive movements. Marcello Fantoni put in three dimensions the art of Braque and Picasso. Fantoni represents a fascinating chapter in the evolution of Mid-Century modern ceramics.