DAY Robin

Robin DAY

UK (1915-2010)

Trained at the Royal College of Art and graduates in 1938, Robin Day becomes a professor at the Beckenham School. His meeting with Peter Moro in 1946 moves him towards the conception of commercial stands and museography for a period. Also a gifted graphic designer, Robin Day makes a serie of posters for the RAF recruitment in 1948. The same year, he wins the first price of a design competition organized by the Museum of Modern Art with Clive Latimer. This success allows the attention of S. Hille & Co., a producer of London furniture which tries to expand on modern design. His career is now launched and Robin Day conceived the setting of the Royal Festival Hall in 1951 which lead him to the Milano Triennale. Thereupon, his main objective consists in bring together functionalism and technology. The Hillestak chair (1951), its first large-scale production, perfectly illustrates this approach.