France (1937-1998)

Lebovici was an aeronautics graduate in 1955 and then graduated from the Ecole des Arts et Métiers in 1957. He began his career by working with light materials at the SNCASE (aeronautics society). After participating in the renown salon Euro design in Nancy in 1965 and manufacturing a series of low tension luminaires for the NGN society; he established the MOB6 group in 1973 with François Arnal, Michel Boyer, Pierre Folie, Jean-Pierre Mesmin and Bernard Berthet, soon joined by Andrée Putman and Ben Swildens. As the subject of many international exhibitions, Lebovici advocates for the idea of a selective and demanding design and produces limited editions. By playing with materials (acrylic resin, concrete, aluminium) or proportions (“out of context” over dimensioned pieces) of the pieces he makes, Yonel Lebovici questions the usage values of the object (aesthetic, functionality). With his artistic approach, his work turned towards capturing light or the suggestion of a perpetual movement is displayed in various museum collections alongside Calder, Takis or Tinguely.