Edmond J. SPENCE


From a family of furniture manufacturers, Edmond J. Spence trained as a designer before to specialized in industrial products. He came back later to furniture, as he sensed the trend for Scandinavian design with organic shapes and clean lines. His genius was his ability to translate foreign design readapted to American taste for modernism. Spence’s philosophy is that everyone should live in good design, therefore he did a large scale of pieces from affordable price to very high-end. During the 1950s, Edmond Spence designed Asian-inspired pieces as well as a famous blond wood serial of Swedish inspired furniture imported by Walpole furniture, based in Massachusetts. Spence, award winning designer, is best known for his line of Mexican-inspired pieces from his Continental-American Collection manufactured by the Industria Mueblera of Mexico in 1953 which include dark wood pieces with a simple design that had a great success on the American market.