Italy (1932 - )

As a young PhD student at the Milano beaux-arts Academy, Enzo Mari concentrates his research on the role of the visual perception in the elaboration of a shape and an architectural drawing, in design, but also in kids games. He actively participate in the avant-garde movement of design by integrating the Kinétic Art group in the 1950s or in coordinating the Nuova Tendenza group. Enzo Mari teaches architecture, industrial design and history of art in several prestigious schools from 1963 to 2000s. His career as a teacher is completed with a fundamental work on the possibility to mealt poesy, technology, symbols and functionality. For this project, Mari was awarded a Compasso of Oro in 1967, year when he begins an extended collaboration with the Gabbianelli firm. Enzo Mari also participates in numerous exhibitions, notably to the MoMA in 1972 and th University of Parma organized a retrospective of his drawings and original sketches in 1983.