Denmark (1902-1971)

Considered as a world-renowned architect and designer, Arne Jacobsen is a central figure of a laid-back modernism considered in the fifties as typically scandinavian. Graduated from the Copenhagen Royal Academy of Art in 1927, he is best known for having realized the Bellavista city-factory for the Novo pharmaceutical group and the residential city of Søholm. In 1952 he creates the famous Myren chair (the ant), a turning point in his whole career. Simple and ergonomic, the chair is only made from a shell and legs to be produced in a serie. In 1955, he imagines from the same principle the sturdier 3107 chair. Lightweight and stockable, the Jacobsen chairs are still used worldwide nowadays. From 1956 to 1961, Arne Jacobsen also designs in the smallest details the interior development of the Royal Hotel from the Danish company SAS. He then signed his famous Aegget armchairs (the egg) and Svanen (the swan). Arne Jacobsen worked all his life in close collaboration with the Fritz Hansen design company.