Brazil (1927-2014)

Graduated from University of Architecture of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Rodrigues sets up in Curitiba, where he works with the Hauner brothers on the Civic Center project. In 1954, he relocates in Sao Paulo to be the designer in chief of Forma. This enterprise failed and Rodrigues returns to Rion where he found his own company ‘Oca’, referring to the traditional Amazonian shack. The firm became a reference in Brazil, notably within the ‘mole’ armchair, rewarded at Cantu Triennal of 1961. In 1968, after a quarrel with his colleagues Sergio Rodrigues leaves Oca. Between 1970 and 1980, he still conducts several projects. In 1973, his chair Kilin became successful and the collection of garden furniture ‘Taja’ he draws in 1978 is still present in Brazilian gardens.