LACROIX Jean-Boris

Jean-Boris LACROIX

France (1902-1984)

Jean-Boris Lacroix was a prolific designer of lighting, wallpaper, bookbinding furniture, and interiors. In 1924, he began working for couturier Madeleine Vionnet as a designer of dresses, handbags, and costume jewelry ; soon after, Lacroix decorated and designed her private residence. His design was commissioned by Jean-Michel Frank and Jean Dunand. Jean-Boris Lacroix designed furniture and chairs in cubist forms for himself, produced by cabinetmaker Régamey. The clients including Damon, for whom he created a great many a great many modern lamps in engraved mirror and frosted glass tubes. Lacroix suggested that his lighting had no purpose other than to be harmonious with modern interiors and predicated that lighting fixtures would become obsolete. Jean-Boris Lacroix executed practically every model of domestic lighting, including table lamps, illuminated ceilings, and pictures frames. Most of his polished and matt-finished nickel-plated copper lamps incorporated glass. Damon used its special enamel-diffusing glass or the plain frosted variety. His articles were published in Lux in the late 1920’s. In 1945, Jean-Boris Lacroix became a member of UAM (Union des Artistes Modernes). He pursued lighting and interior design independently.