BALLA Giacomo

Giacomo BALLA

Italy (1871-1958)

Giacomo Balla is an Italian artist, a figure of the Futurist group. He studies painting in Torino, at the Academia Albertina. Giacomo Balla settles in Roma where he teaches painting at the Academy of arts to his future fellows Umberto Boccioni and Gino Severini. In 1910, he participates in avant-gardist movement futurist, founded by Boccioni and theorized by Marinetti. Giacomo Balla’s art is characterized by a coloured divisionist touch which creates the rapidity of movement. After the war, Giacomo Balla shifts towards new medium, such as cinema and design. In 1989 his work is exhibited at the Venezia Biennale and several retrospective of his oeuvre are on show in Roma, Berlin and Paris. Giacomo Balla’s art is curated in the greatest international collections.