McINTOSH Harrison

Harrison Edward McINTOSH

USA (1914-2016)

Harrison Edward McIntosh is an exponent of American Mid-century ceramic. After his graduation, in 1933, he became part of a camp artist in Yosemite and takes classes at Art Center. In parallel, he assisted Richard Neutra with the design and building of his parent’s new house. These years were really formative and McIntosh met influential ceramic artists such as the Natzler’s couple which decides him to take classes with Glen Lukens at the University of Southern California. He then begins to work on a turning wheel, and in 1943 he opens a gallery with his brother and Albert Henry King but this new adventure was interrupted with the World War II. In 1948, he studies ceramics at the Claremont Graduate School with Richard Petterson. He associates himself with his friend Rupert Deese to set up their studio in Claremont. Harrison McIntosh seeks inspiration from organic shapes, modern design and Japanese aesthetic to produce simple yet elegant ceramic vases and bowls. McIntosh stops working in 2006 and many of his ceramic pieces are exhibited in major museum collections such as Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Boston Museum of Fine Arts or Los Angeles County Museum of Art.