ADNET Jacques

Jacques ADNET

France (1890-1984)

Jacques Adnet worked for Henri Rapin and for Maurice Dufrêne; designing accessories in metal and glass, executed sturdy modern furniture designs, mixing them with traditional pieces, much like Jean Michel Frank. Adnet used a logical, clear, refined approach. In 1922, he became director of decorating Studio La Maitrise of Galeries Lafayette in Paris. He designed the Salle Commune of the 1926 oceanliner France. From 1928-1959, Jacques Adnet was director of design at Compagnie des Arts Français. Adnet designed office of the French President Vincent Auriol's residence at Château de Rambouillet. In 1970 Jacques Adnet became director of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs.