FRANCE (1902-1981)

Jean Royère becomes an interior decorator aged 29. Although he never studied Arts nor design, Royère always showed a natural taste for decoration. He then begins his carrer in a cabinetmaking workshop of the Faubourg Saint-Antoine . He found his first and immediate success after having designed the new layout of the Carlton bar on the Champs-Elysées in 1933. This project paved the way to a new collaboration with  Pierre Gouffé with whom he created original and high standard furniture till 1942.  Key figure of the Avant-garde in the 1950s, Royère tackled all kinds of decoration work and opened branches in the Near East and Latin America. In 1980, he donates his archives to the Paris Museum of Decorative arts before leaving France for The United States where he lived till his death. Royère is, as of today, one of the most important French interior designer.