Austria/Sweden (1885/1967)

Born in 1885 in Baden, Josef Frank is one of the founding members of the Swedish modern design. He creates with Oskar Strand the Wiener Modern, together they creates interior designs and architecture. In the 1920s he designed housing estates and residential projects. In 1925, he starts the Haus & Garten interior business with architect colleagues Oskar Wlach and Walther Sobotka. Frank develops a particular type of modernism, which includes colours and comfort. Josef Frank left Vienna to escape Nazism, he settles in Sweden and begins working at Svenskt Tenn in 1934. He collaborates with Ericson for different projects, whose exhibition rooms for the World Exhibitions in Paris in 1937 and New York in 1939. The exhibitions rooms stands out for a bold aesthetic made with a lot of different materials, bright colours and floral prints.