France (Born in 1930)

Maria Pergay follows the teaching of the famous sculptor Zadkine and is quickly known from the public thanks to the windows she creates for Durer. The propositions of collaborations are multiplied after this and the great fashion houses such as Dior, Hugonet and Hermès then commissioned her to design their windows. Maria Pergay shifts towards stainless steel, a material she describes as a material "as precious as the most precious of the woods". In 1968, she exhibits her first collection: some "Anneaux chairs" and some "Vague bench" at the Maison et Jardin gallery, directed by Jean Dive. During the 1970s, Pierre Cardin was struck with her pieces in steel and become his patron. Her name resonates beyond the borders of France. Her pieces are dissiminated all around the world, countries such as Morocco, Russia, the United-States and also in the royal palace in Saudi Arabia, where Maria Pergay works for ten years.