BEDIN Martine

Martine BEDIN

France (1957-)

Originally from Bordeaux, France, Martine Bedin graduated from the Paris Ecole d’architecture. She is a versatile designer, known for her furniture drawing, fabric design, industrial design and architectural projects. At the end of the 1970s, she settles in Italy where she participates in the Milano Triennale where she builts “La Casa Decorata”. She then became one of the founder member of the Memphis group in 1981. She then meets Andrea Branzi and the Archizoom group with Ettore Sottsass with whom she co-signed in 1995 the urban furniture of the Villette park in Paris. Wishing to question the functionality of the object, Martine Bedin favoured the color and a playful and a strong aesthetic presence, notably with the creation of the Super lamp in 1981 by Memphis edition. In 1995, she exhibits a monumental piece called “The Four Seasons” at the Bordeaux CAPC. Since 2013, Martine Bedin settled her studio in Paris and her pieces are curated in several international museums such as the Decorative Arts museum in Paris.