OLD Maxime

Maxime OLD

France (1910-1991)

Maxime Old studied at Ecole Boulle in Paris. Until 1934, Old was an apprentice in Jacques-Emile Rhulmann’s workshop. He participated in the furnishing of oceanliners including the 1926 Île de France, Liberté, Ville de Marseille and Flandre. After World War II, he was commissioned by the French governement to produce furniture ensembles for the minister of finance and the legation in Helsinki. Old’s design and furniture were know for refinement and elegance. He designed all the furnishings (mahogany and woven-cane furniture) for Hôtel Marhaba, Casablanca, characteristic of his work in the 1950’s. Maxime Old was active in a workshop at 37 rue de Chanzy, Paris. In 1960, began to use metal in his furniture.