USA (1923-2003)

After some studies of design and architecture at the Art Center School of Los Angeles and to the Chouinard Art Institute, Milo Baughman enrolled in a design office of Frank Brothers as a draughtsman. In 1947, he founded his own agency "Milo Baughman Design inc." and soon score orders from firms such as Glenn California and Pacific Iron for whom he notably designs the collection ‘California Modern’ in 1948. This episode contributes to establish Milo Baughman as one of the leaders of the modern movement on the US west coast. As soon as 1952 he signs a complete range under his own name for Winchendon editor, a famous Massachussetts firm. The latter open its doors to several collaborations with some of the greatest firms of the United States: Directional, Mode Furniture and George Kovacs. During the 1960s and the 1970s, Milo Baughman creations are subject to a lasting exhibition in High Point Market. In 1985, the Whitney museum in NY integrates several of his pieces from the retrospective exhibition "High Styles: Twentieth Century American Design".