Italy (1911-1985)

After studying at the Polytechnic School in Milano, Osvaldo Borsani joined the Atelier Varedo. He designed for Pomodoro, Fontana, Crippa and Fabbri and executed wall-mounted bookshelf system in 1946. He etablished the furniture company Tecno out his father's workshop Atelier Varedo and Arredamento Borsani. Tecno's products derived from technological research rather than styling. Osvaldo Borsani was best known for his P40 articulated lounge chair designed in 1954, the D70 sofa designed in 1955 or the P32 chair in 1957. The rubber-armchair was a sophisticated "machine for sitting" that could, it was claimed, assume 486 positions. Osvaldo Borsani participated for many time at the Triennale di Milano and recieved prizes for his work.