USA (1931-1987)

After his studies at the School for American Crafters, and Cranbook academy of Art, Michigan, Paul Evans gets an artist residency near Springdield. In 1951, he starts a collaboration with woodworker Phillip Loyd Powell, whith whom he shares a showroom in New Hope. Evans uses materials such as brass, aluminium, copper , pewter, sculpted steel and argente. Hallmarks of his work include high relief, abstractly patterned surfaces, combining gilding, gnarled wood, and metal filigree. His work falls within the scope of the brutalist movement, in compari, son to 1950-1970 ambiant modernism. In 1961, Paul Evans becomes a featured designer for furniture manufacturer Directional Furniture for which he creates several of furniture lines. With them he sets a unique standard for creative manufacture by insisting every piece is made by hand, making it unique. This collaboration lasts till 1980. Evans will thereafter open his own shop in New York where he keeps selling his work till 1987.