FRANCE (1922-1988)

In 1953, Serge Mouille starts his researches on lightings while conducting a workshop of goldsmithery at the Ecole des Arts Appliqués. In 1955, he is promoted at the Société des artistes décorateurs (SAD). The year after, the gallery Steph Simon showcases his works next to Isamu Noguchi’s and Jean Luce’s pieces. Hence begins a discreet dissemination of his lightings and he starts to receive private commissions: refectories and green areas of the Cité Univertaire of Antony, universities of Strasbourg and Aix Marseille, lightings for the famous ‘France’ ship. Reached by tuberculosis, Serge Mouille have to stop his work in 1959 and to follow a treatment in altitude. However, thanks to the Société de creation de modèles (SCM), he can exhibit to the Salon des Arts Ménagers of 1961, a new collection of lightings, mixing fluorescence and incandescence. Serge Mouille stops his production in 1964.